What's a Discussion Copy?

Rather than sending out promo copies to reviewers or journals or high-profile bloggers, the experiment of AMP is to empower readers to participate in the discussion without any sort of "official critic" requirements. So AMP sends out discussion copies on a first-come, first-served basis, and asks only that recipients mention the book at least once, anywhere -- in face-to-face conversation, on their blog, in Facebook, or wherever discussions happen.

Reviewers get tons of books free and can't write about them all. But readers who want them and want to talk about them have to pay. Reviewers do have qualifications that merit this, but in this very small press economy, who cares? Word of mouth between friends is more valuable than reviews. Also, should the time come for critical study, the scholars will be able to access copies somehow.

So if you're interested, check in now by emailing adam -at- publishinggenius dot com and find out if there are discussion copies available.