About AMP

Awesome Machine Press was founded in 2010. It is an imprint or a series or something from Publishing Genius.

Books are printed in short runs and split between the author and AMP and a bunch are given away as "discussion copies."

After the book sells out it will be available online and for the Kindle and probably the Nook later.

The entire point is fun. Fun writing, fun book making, fun reading, fun talking.

All the other stuff, like work, or caring about stuff, that is not a part of it.

Awesome Machine has fun fast and doesn't accept submissions, though sometimes submissions through Publishing Genius will make it over to Awesome Machine, probably.

If you have any questions, or would like a discussion copy, contact adam at publishinggenius dot com.

People who pre-order AMP books get free shipping. Then it will cost $1 extra to help defray shipping costs.

Sign up for the mailing list. That way you will be the first to know when there are free books available. You will also probably receive an email from PG every month.

If you want to donate you can do that by clicking on the Donate Stack below.